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Our Skyrim: Part 1
Okay guys, I realise I have done very little in the way of fanfiction recently and that has been for a number of reasons, but I feel like one of which is that I have no passion behind what I'm writing. Don't get me wrong I still love all the anime I've written about in the past, but the fact I haven't watched them or have the drive to watch them again means I don't have the enthusiasm to write stories for them.
Recently though I find myself being severely passionate about skyrim, I feel like I've played it 3 times over and each time the stories changed or I've discovered something new and I'd like to do this again but this time I'd like to write about the adventure. Now I considered doing this the last time I started a new profile but I realised I'd just be making the decisions myself and I'd know where I'd want to go, so what was the point in writing about it? Well whilst playing through it came up with an idea, what if I wrote the story whilst letting everyone else decide what I was
:iconmintyfox118:mintyfox118 0 1
Levi x Reader: Stood up
This was never a good idea. Standing alone in the dark without so much as a knife on you. Three hours you’d stood and waited for your date and had they shown? Of course not. They’d probably smartened up and backed out of going to meet a complete stranger. I mean, who in their right mind would? You apparently. Well, at least if you got murdered you’d have Hanji to blame. It had been her idea to set you up with this person, saying how ‘romance would easily bloom as you both met at the lakeside’. Poppycock, a load of bull, so far the only company you'd had was from a very loud duck. You’d named him Eren for he seemed like a very angry duck. Finally, you gave up, slumping against a tree and sliding down to the base. A rather chilly breeze blew past, encouraging you to bring you knees up to your chest for extra warmth. It wasn’t the perfect situation, but you had to admit that the scenery was nice. Better than being cramped in your office at least,
:iconmintyfox118:mintyfox118 39 4
Death The Kid x Reader: Frenemies - Part 2
(Y/N) – Your Name    (P/N) - Partners Name
    One month. It had only been one month since you’d left for that mission. But to kid it had felt like an eternity. Ever since the mirror incident you’d plagued his mind, you’d become the first thing he thought of in the morning and the last thing he’d think of a night, sadly not all these thoughts were kind. How could you love him? Every interaction with him had been insulting and demeaning, mind games to do nothing but make the other seem lesser than oneself. Were you just playing a severally cruel card? Had you simply said this to distract him? Were you being sincere? To say Kid was confused was an understatement. As he lay in bed, his sheets pulled up to his neck on this particularly cold night, his mind became haunted with thoughts and questions of you. Even if you sincere and your feelings true, did he really deserve you? All he had ever done was lightly insult you, but
:iconmintyfox118:mintyfox118 113 47
England x reader: London - Part 1
    Ah London. The bustling Capitol of England was always filled with people of all origin. Commuters rushed themselves towards buses or the lines of black cabs whilst tourists were forced to dart in between them as they darted past. The majority of people however, chose to take the underground to their desired destination. It was quick, easy to get to, and relatively cheap if you were planning to travel around the city. Unfortunately it was incredibly claustrophobic. Bodies would cram into every gap there was and anyone who could claim a seat was considered a god. The number one rule was to never speak, even if one was to combust, fellow passengers wouldn’t make a comment as the enflamed passenger shuffled their way to the doors.
    Arthur Kirkland, a local Englishman with unintentionally untidy blond hair and bold emerald eyes, marched his way through the crowds. He was a trained commuter, every step was made to get him to his destination, never bumping sho
:iconmintyfox118:mintyfox118 22 4
Halloween contest entry: America x Reader: Candy
     “Ooooooooooh (Y/N)!!!!!!!” The sound of pain and torture echoed through the house, even though it was only Alfred. You sighed and stomped back into the kitchen, observing the rolling, groaning mess of an American. “What do you want this time Al?” The pale boy rolled over onto his side “Maybe some candy would make me feel better?” He said with a suggestive tone. But no, you were having none of it. “Listen here mister, the reason you’re being kept at home whilst everyone else is out at a Halloween party is because of candy. You ignored Arthurs only instruction and ate, every, single, piece of candy. What’s worse is that those candies where meant to be for trick-or-treaters, not you. So now here you are, stuck here, sick, with no more candy for either of us.” With your mini rant over you sighed and helped him off the floor and onto the couch, his back against the arm rest and his knees brought up to his chest.
:iconmintyfox118:mintyfox118 8 13
Finland x Reader: Cliche much?
~ ~ ~ Finland’s P.O.V  ~ ~ ~
    ‘Oh no! This isn’t good! (Y/N) will be here any minute now and I still haven’t found the DVD!’ I continued to panic inside my head, though there really wasn’t any point in hiding it because my face was showing I was clearly a mixture of annoyed, scared and nervous. Tonight was mine and (Y/N) weekly movie night and I wanted it to be perfect, why? Because tonight I wanted to confess to (Y/N) how I really feel about her, how my heart quickens when she’s close, how she makes my blood race to my face when she smiles at me, how I can find myself drifting off into my own world whenever I look into her eyes. She was so perfect. Her (H/L) (H/C) locks where like silk and her (E/C) orbs where like rare gems, so beautiful. She was a snowflake to me, unique and special but gorgeous and delicate at the same time.
    ‘Stop it! Stop getting distracted!’ I yelled at myself again in my head,
:iconmintyfox118:mintyfox118 146 43
Canada x Reader: Lavender stare
You sat in the café with your dearest friend Yao. It was your birthday so he suggested that you both came here in order to celebrate.
"Hey Yao?" you said, looking up from the menu.
"yeah, (Y/N)?" he said, practically drooling over the choice.
"how come you chose here? We come here all the time" You say looking around at the familier scenery.
"exactly!" He says looking up and smiling "a good birthday should be in a place with good memories!" he smiled and stood up. "Excuse me" He bowed slightly before leaving for the restroom.
You sigh at how lonely you felt as soon as he was gone. The fact Yao was the only one celebrating with you almost crushed your heart until you looked up to see a man with sandy blond hair, wondrous lavender eyes and wire glasses. The mad curl coming from his hair bounced as he looked up to meet your gaze. You stared at each other before you both realised one another blushing, you quickly looked down at the table, hiding your dusted pink cheeks.
You sure are
:iconmintyfox118:mintyfox118 26 28
Wales x Reader: Daily routine
    You groaned as you rolled around under the covers of your bed. ‘Can I really be bothered getting up?’ you asked yourself.  You decided the easiest way to do this would be to wave your arms and legs randomly, in a sort of spasm imitation, causing the covers to move off of you, setting you free from the cage of white bed sheets. You executed your plans perfectly! The sheets landing in a crumpled pile on the floor beside your bed.  Your final step was to roll to the edge of the bed, fall off and land sat up on the pile, which again, went perfectly. You grasped the side of the bed and helped yourself up onto your feet, leaning backwards slightly and earing an audible crackling sound from your spine. You walked over to your nightstand and leaned back in surprise when you saw yourself in the mirror “whoa… that is some baaad bed hair (your countries name)” you turned to see your friend Dylan, the representative of Wales, stood at your doo
:iconmintyfox118:mintyfox118 66 16
Death The Kid x Reader: Frenemies - Part 1
“Neat freak”
    This was how it always was. From the day you had met him you and Death The Kid had developed a relationship that made you ‘frenemies’. You didn’t hate him; you were just extremely strong rivals. With each day came the walk along the DWMA corridor that made you pass him, and each time you passed him you would exchange insults, they didn't hurt, not at all, no, they inspired you, they made you want to prove to him you weren't what those remarks described.
    You made your way down the corridor, looking for that flash of black hair that came waltzing your way… but it never did. You stopped in your tracks and looked around, there was no one at all. Suddenly, you heard footsteps; your heart began to race as yo
:iconmintyfox118:mintyfox118 481 137
soul eater: Marie by mintyfox118 soul eater: Marie :iconmintyfox118:mintyfox118 328 30 soul eater: thumper by mintyfox118 soul eater: thumper :iconmintyfox118:mintyfox118 252 19 soul eater: bathrooms by mintyfox118 soul eater: bathrooms :iconmintyfox118:mintyfox118 302 23 soul eater: shiny glasses by mintyfox118 soul eater: shiny glasses :iconmintyfox118:mintyfox118 403 50 soul eater demotivational by mintyfox118 soul eater demotivational :iconmintyfox118:mintyfox118 29 16


Hootsweets n' Sounf 1/4 by sounf Hootsweets n' Sounf 1/4 :iconsounf:sounf 1,081 29
[Jean] Reckless
Jean x Reader
theme: stars + together
He was drawn to her in a way that he couldn’t truly comprehend.
She was beautiful, but not conventional so. She was beautiful, deep down to her soul; and along with everybody else, Jean was captivated by the way she so fiercely embraced her life, despite the uncertainty of what the future would bring. She wasn’t perfect. That much he could vouch for, considering how he could easily list all her flaws off the top of his mind.
But yet, he was completely vulnerable when it came to her.
The moment he realised that he had fallen for her; it was a sudden epiphany that made him feel like the universe had come to a halt and the only thing he could process was the rapid pounding of his heart in his chest.
The stars were shining down upon him as he stared into the expanse of the night sky, and as he thought of her again, he couldn’t help but let a small smile grace his features.
:iconicyfalls:icyfalls 84 16
Bets (GermanyXReader)
"Next time, Ludwig, don't make bets if you know you're going to lose," (F/n) snickered at the shocked man across from her.
The two had been playing Poker for a few hours and Germany had thought of an idea to make things interesting. A bet was made.
"I-I thought I'd win this game.. I've been winning the last rounds," Ludwig stared at the pair Aces (F/n) had put down. This caused said girl to laugh, "Whatever, Ludwig. Doesn't matter anyways. You lost. I won. Now..."
(F/n) stood up from the floor, looking around her house, "Where is my maid outfit..."
The German hurriedly stood up and waved his hands frantically in front of him, "Now, now, (F/n). No need to be frank. I wasn't really going to make you try Arthur's cooking. I was joking!"
She instantly ignored his excuse and walked into her room, heading for the wardrobe.
After pushing dozens of dresses and cosplay outfits out of the way, (F/n) found the maid outfit that she ordered online, but never got the chance to wear. It was a conserv
:iconget-with-it-fam:get-with-it-fam 208 66
Free! Eternal Summer x Reader Contest
Welcome to the official 2nd Swimming Anime x Reader Contest!
We're all very excited to announce our official second contest, and that after a good two years.
I'm Lauren, a new co-founder, and with the help of others in this group, our topic is: Eternal Summer.
That's right! Let your imagination run free and come up with fresh ideas involving our favourite hot Free! male characters (or a certain maroon-headed muscle lover) and you, the readers!
1. Must be over 500 words, there is no maximum amount.
2. Must be made just for this contest, and link this journal entry in the description. Nothing made before this journal is acceptable.
3. Can be written in any P.O.V. (3rd, 1st or 2nd) but 2nd is preferred. (Ex. [Your Name], [Name], ____...)
4. You have to be a member of this group to enter, but it's easy to join. Click on join group and you're in!
5. Comment below with your entry by October 15th, 2016 12 AM Eastern Standard Time
:iconswimminganimexreader:SwimmingAnimeXReader 13 23
Cafe Talks {Norway x Reader}
~English words underlined indicate that the character is talking in Norwegian~
Moving to Norway was a huge step for (Name), having just graduated from college back in (home country). Her parents were a bit reluctant to let her move there, especially considering that (Name) didn’t know how speak Norwegian. Their reluctance began when she had gotten a great job offer back home and her employers offered her a position in Norway.
At first, (Name) was skeptical about moving to a different country, knowing next to nothing about it. Yet after some careful consideration and research, something about the fjord-filled country became enchanting to her, calling for her, almost, which prompted her to make the bold declaration one day, “I’m moving to Norway!”
Now, having actually moved there, (Name) was beginning to regret her sudden decision. She had stood outside Oslo Airport in confusion, having thought the airport was in Oslo.
:iconjessicac924:JessicaC924 73 28
USB Drive (Eren Jaeger X Reader)
Scenario: You left your USB flash drive in the library computer and I had to go through your files to figure out who you are and I ended up reading the entirety of this book you’re working on and wow you’re actually really good AU
Eren paces in the Shiganshina University library with the intention of rechecking his codes one more time before submitting them to his professor for his 12:00 class. It’s 9:30 in the morning, and the cold wind seems to follow him in as he wraps his hoodie a little tighter around his frame. The moment he enters the library facility is welcoming and he can’t help but let out a breath of satisfaction as he makes his way over to the computers in the back room.
The library computer room is relatively empty as he makes his way to a random computer and slides his way into the seat.
He whips out the USB chip that contains the millions of code and binary research he needs to recheck over and over again to make sure they’re right
:icontheworkoftraci:theworkoftraci 31 4
Lance Corporal (First)?! (Jealous?Levi x Reader)
Note 1: I'm so happy to be FINALLY DOING THIS!! Now, there are two suprises in here~I won't clarify which is which, trust me--you'll know~
Note 2: Suggestive themes and foul language lay up ahead, read at your own risk!!! And there is a sorta long build-up, I think...
Note 3: For some reason, you'll be hearing a lot about Levi's eyelashes. I don't know why, but let's face it--they can make anyone jealous.

Chapter 1
You yawned as you entered the Mess Hall. You had barely gotten any sleep last night, because you were helping Hanji with a new experiment. You had no idea what she was going to do with it, but you had a feeling it wasn't going to be good...
Getting your food and drink, you headed to the higher ups table. Commander Erwin had recently promoted you to Squad Leader despite your refusals, and that meant paperwork, helping Hanji with her experiments, training cadets...
...and spending more time with your enemy. 
Yes, you ha
:iconmurfpie156:MurfPie156 189 90
Farkas x Reader (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) 4/4
Your arrival to Dawnstar was long awaited, with your leg injured your journey took a little longer than expected. But you made it, Farkas made sure that you both didn’t lag farther behind than necessary. You were exhausted though and as much as you tried to hide it, he could tell.
“Lets get to the Inn, your leg isn’t going to get any better out here in the cold.” Farkas Lifted you from your horse despite your commands telling him to stop.
He carried you to the Inn in his arms, and with your heart rate raising and your face going full flush you kept quiet. “Nothing to say? Must be a first.” You elbowed his chest softly in reply and he let out a fake howl of pain.
Once you both reached the Inn door he put you down softly on your good leg, his hands didn’t linger longer than needed too, at this you were a little dejected, mostly because you didn’t want to fall over, and the fact that his warmth was well wanted especially his warmth. When you
:iconsinfullyours101:sinfullyours101 21 1
Kiss of Life (Levi x Shy!Reader)
Kiss of Life
You were known as one of the recon corps’ best soldiers as you’d taken down an impressive ten titans on your own and had assisted in taking down another 20 with your squad members. They had witnessed you ending the lives of each of these titans with ease as your (Hair colour) hair whipped around your face whilst you moved swiftly through the air and your (Eye colour) eyes were focused on the beast in front of you. They were also the only ones who knew about how shy you were when you weren’t on the battlefield as you couldn’t maintain eye contact with anyone for a long period and occasionally stammered when spoken to. Most of the males in your squad found you cute, including a certain raven haired Captain, even though he himself was too shy to admit it.
You were reading a book whilst you were in bed after you were done with training for the day when you heard a knock on the door.
“Who is it?” you asked softly as you put the book do
:iconinfinitelytangled:infinitelytangled 557 96
Teacher!Levi x Student!Reader [High School AU]
Love Lessons
Warning: mild mature themes. Both the reader and character are 18 or over.                           
Where is he? you wondered impatiently, involuntarily allowing your fingers to dance along your wooden desk whilst languidly taking in the familiar, frenzied scene before you.
Back in the classroom, a gang of rebellious teenagers grudgingly wearing the school uniform could be seen performing the recalcitrant act of tying their maroon jackets around their waists against the school’s rules. Taking advantage of not being under surveillance by an adult, the boisterous teenagers pulled out their forbidden mobile phones and the sounds of camera shutters clicking against each other filled the room as they hilariously posed for pictures using bizarre facial expressions. Another set of students were blaring ear – splitting music whilst drumming powerfully on th
:iconinfinitelytangled:infinitelytangled 257 43
Mature content
Sex on Fire (Levi x F!Reader) [Modern AU] NSFW :iconinfinitelytangled:infinitelytangled 159 40
College Fairy Tale (Seijuro Mikoshiba x Reader)
“Hey, I think you dropped this”
And that was it. Just like in the movies, Seijuro couldn’t stop himself from getting lost in your (e/c) eyes. He sat there, frozen, the world around him completely forgotten as he stared at the beautiful girl sitting in front of him in class. How had he not noticed you before? He didn’t know, but also, he didn’t care. Right now you were making him feel like that small empty part of him was finally whole, and for the first time he was in…
No wait, back up a little, that’s not how things work.
You glanced back as you felt someone poke you and smiled as you saw the familiar pencil being held in front of your eyes.
“Thanks” you exclaimed as you took the small object from the big hands of the red head sitting behind you.
You hadn’t really noticed him before, and you had no idea why, after all, he was ridiculously hot and you always found yourself peeking at the guys in your class when the lessons got
:iconotakulane:otakulane 153 27
Canada x Reader: Just the Way You Are
Matthew quietly opened the front door, stealing a glance around the house before sneaking inside. There were faint battle sounds coming from downstairs. He had to make this quick. The cautious Canadian closed the front door and hurried up the stairs to his room.
"Hey, Mattie! Is that you?"
Matthew stopped mid-step and sighed, rolling his eyes. "Yes, Alfred."
"Sweet!" Alfred's feet thundered up the stairs. He caught one of the supporting poles of the railing and swung to a stop. With a bright grin he said, "I started a round of Call of Duty, and I could use a teammate."
Mattie shook his head as his half-brother. "I-I can't. I have homework to do."
"How about afterwards?"
"I'll think about it." Matthew ran up the rest of the stairs and went to his bedroom, closing the door. He jumped onto the bed and placed his backpack by his feet. He started working on some Math homework, but couldn't concentrate at all. With a heavy sigh, Mattie reached for a red, leather journal, opened to the next a
:iconautumn-maple:Autumn-Maple 67 25
(Modern AU!)Germany x Reader: Not a Coincidence
Jogging was very therapeutic to Ludwig Bielschmidt. It started his days on a good note, relieved stress, and kept him physically fit. He loved how energetic and alive he felt after each run. First thing in the morning at 6:45, he'd throw on some exercise clothes and lace up his running shoes. He would start slow, then periodically alternate between running and jogging. He preferred running outside over inside a building on a treadmill or track. There's nothing better than feeling the crisp morning air on his skin and the warmth of the sun as it rose in the sky.
On this particular Saturday April morning, Ludwig decided to take a different route instead of his usual path. He started jogging in the direction of a huge city park. He drove passed it every day on his way to work. Yesterday he stopped at the park and walked around it for a better look. He liked all the different foot paths, full grown trees and multiple playgrounds. There was also a dog park, which was a plus for Ludwig. He h
:iconautumn-maple:Autumn-Maple 97 15
Mature content
AoT: Take Care of Her Mike x Reader X Levi Part 1 :iconrambo-jewsters:Rambo-Jewsters 40 19
Keep Your Head Up (Eren x Dancer!Reader) AU
You had your headphones on, tapping your foot to the beat as you worked on your homework. You never understood why music did this to you. Ever since you were little, any type music made you have the impulse to dance. And you were good at it. Name a type of dance. Hip-hop, waltzing, tango, traditional, ballet, any type of dance, you could do, without lessons and without experience. It was advanced natural talent you had.
Currently, you were in Math class, doing the homework assignment on the board. Your Math teacher allowed you to listen to music as long as it was school appropriate and wasn't loud enough for the student next to you to hear. You felt that was fair, and set your iPod on shuffle. But no matter which song was played, your foot kept along with the beat, although this didn't seem to be a problem. You got your work done, and that was the important thing. In your opinion, that was really the only important thing.
If you looked over from your paper, you would've noticed the peo
:iconswordsnipersinon:SwordSniperSinon 74 28


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